Established in 1993, Belle Technology manufactures the Modular Range of Anaerobic & Dry Glove Box Systems for the purpose of enabling and maintaining a pure inert atmosphere inside a hermetically-sealed enclosure, supplying Scientific Institutions and Industries worldwide.

A number of accessories are available for use with the Modular Range, these include: oxygen monitoring, gas cooling units & purpose-designed refrigeration, microscope modules complete with stereo-microscope and dewar assembly for the direct-freezing of samples. Additionally, stopped-flow instrumentation and other customer specific equipment can be incorporated into the glove box systems.

In July 2009 we moved into a newer and larger factory to continue building our custom deisgned glove boxes. We are based in Weymouth, Dorset which is located on the South Coast of the United Kingdom. We currently supply our products globally all over the world, and have an Asia sales agent permanently based in Singapore.

We are constantly updating our products and technology to keep in date with the latest technology, and research methods used. If you have any questions, queries, or comments, please contact us using either the contact page on the website, or email us at info@belletechnology.co.uk

Belle Technology UK Ltd.

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