The following guidelines must be considered when working with pressurized equipment within the glove box system:

  1. It is important that regular maintenance procedures are carried out on instrumentation operating at higher pressures than the glove box. A sudden component failure could cause damage to the glove box system.
  2. Care must be taken in the selection of the most suitable fittings for use with high pressure equipment.

BASF Catalyst R 3-11G - Additional Information

BASF Catalyst R 3-1G is supplied in the oxidized form. If oxygen is to be removed from gases, the catalyst must be reduced i.e. regenerated beforehand.
BASF Catalyst R 3-11G in the reduced i.e. regenerated form is pyrophoric.
Every care must be taken to ensure it is not exposed to significant amounts of oxygen.
Increased catalytic reaction can cause an extreme rise in temperature