Use of High Inert Gas Concentrations

Belle Technology glove box systems are operated with inert gas enabling the user to handle substances that are sensitive to oxygen and/or moisture.

It is the responsibility of the user to follow all local health, safety and environmental guidelines with regards to the handling and disposing of substances that may be injurious to health. This applies to the disposal of all components and filtering devices that come in contact with the gas flow.

There is a risk of suffocation when working with high inert gas concentrations.

The following safety guidelines must be considered when working with inert gas concentrations:

  1. The selected locations should have a “room volume” that is significantly larger than the glove box interior volume.
  2. The system should be located in a well ventilated area. This is especially important during a purging procedure or when opening an active system (i.e. transfer ports etc).
  3. All exhaust fumes should be vented through an adequate disposal/ventilation system.

Contact Belle Technology if it is not possible to adhere to all of the above recommendations.

To better avoid the risk of suffocation, it is necessary for the glove box atmosphere to be replaced completely with ambient room air prior to servicing the interior of an active glove box.

Contact Belle Technology Service Department for further assistance.