Belle Technology uses the latest in deisgn and technology to create high quality research Glove Boxes.

All boxes can be custom designed to individual requirements. The standard box sizes that we currently manufacture are as follows:

MR1 - Length 750mm x Width 600mm x Height 600mm
MR2 - Length 1080mm x Width 615mm x Height 775mm
MR3 - Length 1624mm x Width 615mm x Height 775mm

Transfer Port
Main - Internal Length 500mm x Internal Diameter 190mm
Rapid - Internal Length 300mm x Internal Diameter 95mm

External Length 288mm x Width 267mm including back cover x Height 395mm
Internal Dimensions Length 225mm x Width 160mm x Height 210mm
The unit stores 14 (2x7) standard tissue culture trays (Limbo style) and holds a temperature of -3 to -5° C

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